Sales and Accounting Assistant


Sales and Accounting Assistant

The Candidate will provide back-office support to the Sales and Accounting teams for the sales and marketing and administrative activities of the Company’s business. The support will focus in particular on the French market. The Candidate will work in cooperation with all the other teams of the Company to create, maintain and improve win-win relationships with the Clients.

The Candidate will report to the Sales Manager.


Specific responsibilities and duties

In coordination with the managers, partners, agents or collaborators:



  • Assisting Sales team in receiving Client’s needs and preparing proposals, material and administrative documents (from prequalification reports to proposals, contracts and invoices).
  • Keeping contacts with Clients in coordination with Key Account Managers.
  • Participating in sales/technical trips if deemed necessary.
  • Maintaining clients’ database by inputting clients’ profiles and updates.
  • Preparing and distributing reports when required.
  • Support to any other country/client/activity that is considered necessary in a particular moment.



  • Support in the preparation of presentations, proposals, documents both for specific Clients and for marketing activities.
  • Supporting the preparation of answers to tenders (registration and management of the Company’s account into Client’s portals, collection of documents).
  • Translating into French the marketing material.
  • Reporting to CEO and Sales Manager.



  • Managing the internal administrative tasks related to the correct execution of the projects: review of the received documentation (Purchase Orders, specific requests), registration and management of the information into internal systems and database.
  • Managing the external administrative tasks for selected projects and Clients in coordination with the Accounting department: sending invoices and documents, follow-up on administrative issues, keeping good relationship with the different stakeholders.
  • Reporting to Finance Manager.



The Candidate will work for TRE ALTAMIRA in the office based in Barcelona, C. de Corsega 381-387.


The followings skills are required

  • BsC.
  • French mother tongue.
  • C level English knowledge (writing and speaking).
  • Basics of Administration.


The followings skills are desirable

  • Verbal and written communication skills with clients.
  • Being professional, attention to details.
  • Being responsible and trustworthy.
  • Being a team player.
  • Being able to handle heavy workload during some periods of the year.
  • Networking, with clients and other sales professionals.
  • Using initiative.
  • Spanish language.


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